Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I currently reside in Raleigh, NC. Fortunately for me, both areas are rich in the visual arts.

I enjoy painting still lifes and landscapes. It is hard to pinpoint the genesis of my fascination with painting natural landscapes, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Maybe it was growing up in a home where my afternoon chore was to pick the ripe fruits and vegetables from our family's garden. Or perhaps it may be simply due to my love of the outdoors. Whatever the reason, I feel that the colors, shapes, and organic lines of these natural objects give me plenty to play with.

Working exclusively in oils allows me to vary my application of paint by layering thick areas or instead create a thin wash of color. The surface variation that results, highlights the contrast between light and shadow in the composition, creating interest for the viewer's eye. My intention is to reveal my own interpretation of the subject and turn it into an aesthetic experience for all...


Deb Hauser